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About Us

Based in Upstate New York, VBACreations are experts in designing effective time-and-money saving solutions for popular business spreadsheet, reporting and database applications—particularly Microsoft Excel and Access.

We apply our extensive expertise in Visual Basic for Applications programming (also known as VBA or “macros”) to harness capabilities that are natively available with Excel and Access, but which users typically miss because they are “hidden” from the average user.

Examples of VBA programming solutions:

  • Lookup Functions
  • Importing and Analyzing Data
  • Filtering Lists
  • Charting & Forecasting
  • Forms & surveys
  • Inventory, Pricing, Quoting
  • Budgeting, Financial models
  • Market research
  • Building Mailing lists
  • Reporting
  • Sales tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Cost allocation/formulas
  • Almost anything – try us!

Bill Benson, founder of VBACreations, provides a distinct advantage in that he understands VBA from both an end user’s and a programmer’s standpoint. His background includes several years’ experience in financial analysis, budgeting, strategic planning and auditing before becoming a VBA programming consultant. His training and experience in Six Sigma gives him an eagle eye for process improvement and cross-functional collaboration. In fact, he collaborated so effectively while providing consulting for a Fortune 100 client he was recruited as a full-time employee, improving and automating their variable cost tracking systems so effectively that his solutions are in use years after their implementation.

Before deciding to found VBACreations, Bill was an Accounting Analyst for GE Energy and a Finance Black Belt for GE Advanced Materials.

Bill's broad exposure to many businesses as a CPA with a big five accounting firm blend with his strong educational background and passion for information technology to make him a truly effective adviser in business information systems as well as being a programmer/developer. He earned his MBA, Accounting and BS, Mathematics at Union College in Schenectady, New York, and his MS, Education at the State University of New York at Albany.